Pet care products that are

simply better.

Organic Pet Shampoo and Conditioner


Neem Oil

Aloe Vera


Made with
natural ingredients and botanical extracts
they'll love and you can trust.

We are a company that cares.

Love for animals has been rooted in our company’s heart since day one. Every day we strive to fulfill our purpose in making this world a better place for them. Those moments when you come home from a long days work, and your pet is happily waiting there for you are priceless.  We have spent 15 years refining who we are and are now turning a new page. Gladly we announce to you, animals lovers alike, our dream and mission.

Our dream and mission is to give a home to those animals that don’t have them, to get animals placed. We want all pets to have that love that comes from a home and a family. It’s only fair, pets are human too. We donate a portion of everything we sell, we donate our products to shelters, and we donate our time to go to shelters and help. This dream can only be fulfilled if we join this great cause together. Go out and make a difference. Go out and serve. Go out and share your love for animals.


Lavender and Neem, 16oz Bottle


Mango and Neem, 16oz Bottle

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