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Helpful tips

#1 Doggie Sudz is 32x concentrated.

Dilute 1-Doggie Sudz to 32-water. If you have hard water, you may not see it bubbling up as much as you think it should be. If you can feel it on your pets’ coat, DO NOT add more Doggie Sudz, there is plenty and it is doing it’s job, also adding more will mean a longer rinse time.

#2 Doggie Sudz for your dry, itchy, winter skin.

Use Doggie Sudz as a body wash/shower gel for yourself. If you have dry, itchy, winter skin, give Doggie Sudz a try next time and see what it does for you. Remember to leave it on for a few minutes for the botanicals to soak in and soothe your dry, itchy, winter skin.

About Us

Austin Rose®, Inc. researches, produces and markets a line of chemical free alternatives to animal odor removal and pet care.  All Austin Rose®, Inc. products are environmentally safe, and use 100% natural ingredients.  Only completely recyclable, environmentally friendly and non-aerosol packaging is used for all products.

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