We love animals.

Our company is that simple. So are our products.

We know you love them too.  Dogs aren’t just our furry little friends.  To us, they are family.  The kind of family that wakes you up with a slobbery wet kiss every morning.  The kind that stays by your side no matter what happens.  We understand this relationship and firmly believe dogs everywhere deserve the same high-quality, natural products the rest of your family uses.

This is why Austin Rose Inc. was founded.  If you are the kind of person that understands and looks forward to that wet slobbery kiss every morning, our products are right for you.  Crafted from a variety of natural sources found around the world, the nurturing botanical extracts in our best-selling dog shampoo will clean and condition your dog’s hair back to its puppy-soft days.

Everything we do is done on the belief that every dog deserves to feel loved, clean, healthy, and most importantly, part of your family.  We’re confident our natural pet care products will do just this.

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